Our history begins back in 2011 when we first time heard about Bitcoin and what potencies it can bring to us.
With a big regret, I have to admit, I and many of us did not believe in Bitcoin and how it can bring us to a new financial transaction era.


The first time we invest in Bitcoin. Momentum price was about 130 dollars per unit. Searching for opportunities to manage BTC holding. As we are not sure about this: is it currency or asset we work with caution. Hard to realize what will be the future of this investment.



As we start to realize that bitcoin has some speculation potential we discover that other ALT’s has enormous potential for growth. These days buying a coin was the same as buying ICO’s coins right now. You were not sure will that coin survive or will be delisted from all markets.



From late 2014 to early 2016-year table time company was working with establishing internet domain and SEO management for a future crypto ICO generation and realization.


During 2016 we were able to generate some “bags" of ALT’s we were interested in. As we were not sure, how it all will happen we started to sell out our “bags" of ALT’s during 2016 late autumn and early 2017 spring.


During 2017 we made a stunning 1420 % profit. As we were shocked by it and we were sure, that it is all a bubble but month to month we were getting info about a new era of cryptocurrency. The last and most important thing is that BTC futures will be open to all world money and that means that there is a stunning potential to earn more than 1000-5000 % profit.
As we are a trader company we realize that the most dangerous investment is ICO. We start our anti-scam ICO campaign and we will reveal all fraud scam crypto ICO’s.


During 2018 we shorted the market as heavy as we could. We managed to get a profit higher than the 2017 bull run.
The 2018 year was a good year for SHORT positions and was a starting place for entry into BTC long positions.


We have managed to get in low 3000 on BTC and ride all the way up to.
It is time to start searching entry points for ALT's.